Pendulum Massage provides Mobile Massage, On Site Chair Massage, Meditation Sessions for Events and Gatherings as well as having a Home Base Practice in SE18.


Holistic Massage

is a relaxation massage treatment that is tailored for you. The benefits are reduced heart rate and stress levels, improved breathing, and improved circulation. When you are training it speeds up recovery time. When you are stressed it gives you time to reflect. When you are run down, it can restore skin tone and help you to recharge your batteries and think because reduction of stress is the sure route towards wellbeing. Oils are selected for skin type and treatments take into account your life experiences.

Chair Massage

is great for the work place and events because you can be fully clothed and no oils are used. However the benefits are just as profound. You will feel aligned, invigorated and relaxed after even a 20 minute treatment.

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