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Chair Massage and Meditation

In the workplace I offer chair massage. Each massage is normally 15 to 20 minutes so will cause minimal disruption to the work day. Bookings of 2 hours would provide 6 to 8 massages. Clients are fully clothed and no oils are used. I expertly use Acupressure points and massage techniques to relax and refresh so that workers can continue to work efficiently. Massage is a stress buster and a great way to say thank you to your team.

1 hour Guided Meditation sessions are a super way of bringing a team together with a common focus. Perfect for wellness days, deadlines, festivals and celebrations. I can even organise a training schedule for block bookings.

Ring Pauline on 07830 212040 to book your appointment.

On Site Massage and Meditation

Chair Massage 2 hour booking £120

Chair Massage 3 hour booking £170

Chair Massage 4 hour booking £220

Ask about monthly or weekly block bookings for savings

Mediitation Sessions 1 hour £70

Meditation 10 weekly block bookings of 1 hour £650

Phone to discuss your special event, celebration or needs and payment details.


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