Welcome to Pendulum Massage!

Hello, I am Pauline Blackwood, founder of Pendulum Massage and I'm responsible for everything from marketing and webdev to of course the massage work. From the moment I started in massage I knew that it was the right choice for me. I have a mindful approach to my work and my aim is to ensure my clients needs are fully addressed in their treatments.

What I love more than anything in my role is the measurable improvements that ensure each client knows that they are on the right track for their own self improvement. Such targets may be leaving more chilled out than they were on arrival, reduced muscle stiffness or reduced pain or a greater range of movement than before.

Each day I set myself goals but the one that remains the same every day is for me to maintain a calm, safe space whilst working mindfully and providing everyone  with respect, dignity and humour.

Pauline Blackwood BSc (Hons) PGCE MT

Pauline Blackwood Founder of Pendulum Massage

Oils and Body Butters used at Pendulum Massage

My priority is to use the best quality  products possible for use in my massage practice. Organic Oils and Body butters are available for your massage.