The benefits Mindful Holistic Massage

by Pauline blackwoodJanuary 4th  2021

Mindful Holistic Massage is a beautiful experience with a gentle massage to the pressure of you liking. Your massage can also incorporate breathwork, sychronised rocking and mobilisations to you joints. Just ask and I shall include and demonstrate. 

The holistic approach means that if you joints need a little mobilising, they get that attention. If you back feels a little tight, you can have some rocking motions and if your breathing is unsettled, you will have an opportunity to settle it right from the beginning with some simple mindfulness tips for your toolkit of life.

The benefits of Pregnancy Massage

by Pauline blackwoodmarch 25th 2019

It's an honour and  a priviledge to work with women at this time of their lives. Massage was the first form of self care and in modern times it still has it's place in the well being of expectant mothers.

Pregnancy Massage assists in challenging times to overcome stress in all the bodies systems. Breathing becomes more relaxed, the nervous system calms and these changes are passed on to your baby.

Adapting in an ever changing body.

Massage helps women to embody their space. As the body changes in pregnancy, balance and spacial awareness are challenged. Massage helps expectant mothers adapt and judge their place in the world with greater ease through the medium of touch

The benefits of massage

by Pauline blackwoodfeb 8th, 2019

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The benefits of massage are many including:
Reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved skin condition, better range of motion to joints, quicker healing from muscular aches and pains, a more robust and responsive nervous system (calmed but alert), improved digestion, improved urination and of course greater relaxation.

A great way to extend the effect of massage is to do bodywork like pilates, stretches or yoga, or by participating in exercise and or meditation.