Pregnancy Massage

The benefits of Pregnancy Massage

by Pauline blackwood2021

It's an honour and  a priviledge to work with women at this time of their lives. Massage was the first form of self care and in modern times it still has it's place in the well being of expectant mothers.

Pregnancy Massage assists in challenging times to overcome stress in all the bodies systems. Breathing becomes more relaxed, the nervous system calms and these changes are passed on to your baby. 

You can book your first pregnancy massage after your 12th week (first trimester). At this time you will be settled into your pregnancy and dealing with the challenges that it brings.

During your massage, you'll be in a side lying position with lots of pillows and cushions for your comfort. You can even select the pressure you would prefer. If you've always liked a deeper pressure to your back, just ask. I also have a selection of organic oils because my aim is provide you with the best quality products available. 

Adapting in an ever changing body.

Massage helps women to embody their space. As the body changes in pregnancy, balance and spacial awareness are challenged. Massage helps expectant mothers adapt and judge their place in the world with greater ease through the medium of touch